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Documentaries and Other Multimedia Projects

Boramey: Ghosts in the Factory

Boramey explores the phenomenon of spirit possession and mass fainting in Cambodian garment factories. Through the stories of three young women who had brushes with supernatural beings in the workplace, we get a glimpse of the life of  Cambodian garment workers at the intersection of work, religion, family, and spirituality.

Directed by: Tommaso Facchin, Ivan Franceschini
Length: 60′ | Year: 2021

Dreamwork China

Dreams and Rights of a New Generation in the World’s Factory

Dreamwork China is a documentary film aimed at giving voice to the new generation of Chinese migrant workers. Between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, we travelled to Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta, where we met migrant workers, activists and civil society organizations promoting workers’ rights. In this film young workers talk about themselves, describing their lives, their hopes, their struggles for rights, and most of all, the dreams of a new generation in the world’s factory.

Directed by: Tommaso Facchin, Ivan Franceschini
Length: 56’ | Year: 2011

Small Fish

Not far away from Yongkang railway station in Zhejiang province, Huang Caigen – who suffered himself a work related injury – rented a garage and transformed it into the office of “Small Fish”, an NGO providing support and legal advice to the city’s workers.  The place has become a point of reference for thousands of “small fishes” seeking support and advice from Huang Caigen and his staff.

Directed by: Tommaso Facchin
Length: 15′ | Year: 2013

The Long Day of Young Peng

The Long Day of Young Peng is an interactive photodocumentary that uses original ethnographic material collected through a participatory approach to chronicle one day in the life of Peng, a young Chinese migrant moving to Beijing in search of employment. Through interacting with other characters, the player relives Peng’s first day in Beijing and explores topics in the scholarship of contemporary Chinese society.

Research, Storytelling: Andrea Pia
Photos: Marco de Mutiis
Coding: Leonardo Angelucci


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